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Top 5 things to know about Gum disease and diabetes

Accueil Advices Top 5 things to know about Gum disease and diabetes

Both diabetes and periodontal disease, a moderate to severe form of gum disease, are chronic inflammatory conditions that have a major impact on the health of millions of people worldwide. Here are 5 things to know about the link between these diseases:

5: a sugary diet worsens periodontal disease and diabetes. Dietary sugar plays a major role in dental diseases and diabetes.

4: diabetes can increase risk of periodontal disease. People who have poorly controlled diabetes appear more susceptible to infectious diseases, including periodontal disease.

3: periodontal disease can affect blood sugar levels; uncontrolled periodontal disease can worsen blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

2: periodontal disease can increase risk for heart and kidney problems. Research has shown that diabetic individuals with periodontal disease have a greater risk for cardiovascular and kidney problems than diabetic people without periodontal disease.

1: your dentist can help. There is a bright spot in all this, periodontal disease can be treated, effectively, reducing your risk for diabetic complications.

So, if you have diabetes, make sure to see your dentist regularly.

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