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What is a cavity?

Accueil Advices What is a cavity?

It’s when bacteria get inside your tooth and start rotting and eating your tooth away;  it’s actually an infection in your tooth.

Bacteria are normally present in the mouth and change food into acids. The combination of bacteria, acids, food debris, and saliva form plaque. If plaque is not removed by proper flossing and brushing, the decay process begins. As the acids in the plaque begin to weaken and dissolve the enamel, holes in the teeth are created. This is what we call cavities. Cavities are usually painless until they grow closer to the nerve or center of the tooth. If left untreated, that decay can result in a lot of pain and require a root canal or extraction to treat.

But what we understand from an even bigger perspective is that it’s not just in your tooth ; it’s spreading those toxins into your body. It’s really more a systemic issue, and so, we’re not all about drilling and filling and just managing your cavities. Because we want to get you fully healthy, we went to look at what are your risks and why do you get cavities.  What is the pH of your mouth? what is your genetic background? what is your nutrition and dietary intake look like? Knowing the answer to these questions will help us address underlying causes of cavities so you can get back to complete health.

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