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Teeth whitening

A sparkling white smile appeals to all who see it. Having attractive teeth can also give your self-confidence a boost, but our teeth don’t always look as white as we’d like them to. Sometimes, the foods and drinks we like cause staining. Or smoking.  And simply aging can cause your teeth to yellow. It happens to almost everyone eventually but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Did you know that teeth whitening is a very safe and effective way to enhance a faded smile?

Teeth whitening is an ultra-conservative chemical process that makes it possible to whiten your teeth using a carbamide peroxide gel. This product will “break” the pigments that have formed over the years. The treatment is painless and safe.


Is the treatment effective and long lasting?

Yes, it is a proven method. All that makes the natural beauty of a tooth is preserved. Depending on one’s lifestyle, the effect lasts two to five years. Then, a maintenance treatment can be proposed for a lasting result.

Do you do “in office” whitening treatment?

In our office, we use Custom Take-Home Trays, which is considered the gold standard for teeth whitening and will create the least discomfort for the patient.

We make models of your teeth and fabricate a clear plastic tray that fits perfectly. You are given syringes of whitening gel which goes in your trays. Then you wear your trays with the gel in them.

Are there any side effects or possible pain?

During treatment, the patient may experience some sensitivities, but they are completely reversible and won’t have any consequence. A customized wear protocol is set up, and a desensitization gel can be used in some cases.

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