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When a tooth has a cavity or a failing filling, typically we have two materials to conservatively restore the tooth with, either with a white filling composite restoration or with an inlay onlay white porcelain restoration.

What is the difference between the two?

White fillings are considered Direct Restorations because the dentist directly fabricates and places the restoration. we get predictable results with these Restorations when less than half the width of the tooth is being restored. The wider the filling gets, the more likely the stress of the biting Force can lead to fracturing the tooth. so, when we have a larger portion of tooth structure missing needing to be repaired, we recommend inlays onlays. inlays onlays are indirect porcelain Restorations that are fabricated by the laboratory.

We strive to be as conservative as possible; we prefer to keep your teeth intact and restore only the unhealthy or unstable parts of your teeth.

In some situations, such as where we are replacing an existing crown or an important decay or damage to the tooth the best option might be a full coverage crown.

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