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A sparkling white smile appeals to all who see it. Having attractive teeth can also give your self-confidence a boost, but our teeth don’t always look as white as we’d like them to. Sometimes, the foods and drinks we like cause staining. Smoking is another culprit. And simply aging can cause your teeth to yellow. It happens to almost everyone eventually but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

Did you know that teeth whitening is a relatively inexpensive way to enhance a faded smile?

You’ve probably seen any different over-the-counter products that claim to whiten teeth to varying degrees but the strongest and fastest acting whitening solutions are only available in your dentist’s office. You’re a process known as power bleaching. This process can lighten teeth three to eight shades in a single hour and can last from six months to two years. First, your dentist will protect your gums and if necessary the roots of your teeth to ensure your safety. Then a professional strength bleaching solution is applied. Often a special light or laser will be used to make the bleach work faster.

Another way to whiten your teeth is with the take-home kit prescribed by your dentist. First your dentist makes molds of your teeth, then thin plastic mouth trays are created to fit your teeth exactly, allowing you to apply the bleaching gel. In order to see the desired results, you’ll need to stick with your dentist prescribed course of treatment. While this process takes longer, it can also be very effective and less expensive.

There are a few things you need to know before whitening your teeth.

Potential side effects include tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, which are usually minor and clear up in a short time. Your dentist can tell you if you are likely to develop sensitivity, based on the condition of your teeth and gums. Be aware that tooth sensitivity or gum irritation can become more serious if you use over-the-counter ill-fitting trays or if the bleach is applied by untrained personnel. Keep in mind that teeth whitening will not affect existing crowns, veneers or fillings. Whitening is not permanent, but it is possible to slow the fading process by avoiding foods and habits that cause staining, and by doing a minor touch up every so often. Most importantly, studies have found teeth whitening to be safe when used as directed teeth.

Whitening is the most popular and cost-effective way to dramatically enhance your smile. If you’re considering teeth whitening, talk to your dentist. Together you can come up with the best plan to return your smile to its better brighter days!

There’s essentially two forms of whitening that we offer here at Atlanta dental spa.

Number one there’s the in- office or the laser or you may have heard it referred to as Zoom Whitening in the past. Essentially what that is is the in-office you’ll come in it’s about a two-hour appointment. Because it’s so concentrated and strong, I tell people that it combines what take home trays or the traditional whitening into about one hour, so basically condenses two weeks of what that whitening into about one hour so it’s super strong. It can only be applied in the office. So you’ll come in, you’ll sit you’ll be seated in our office for about two hours . basically we’ll put in a set of retractors to get your cheeks away, get your lips away, and then we’ll put on a little barrier around your gum basically just sit there kind of your mouth open with the gel on watching some TV for a couple hours.

The reason that we have all those isolation devices on is because it’s such a powerful oxidizer that whitening material that if it gets on any of the mucous membranes or the gum tissue that it can actually oxidizing can turn it white which is a little bit painful. sometimes and I’m actually in that category people confess that the in-office whitening is a little painful if you have if you have sensitivity to whitening, I always talk people out of doing the in-office because it’s not that it whitens better than the second option which is called the take-home tray it’s not that it whitens better it’s just that it whitens much much faster so you’re not in a hurry I recommend doing the take home trays but sometimes the sensitivity can be off the charts with the powered in-office whitening.

The second option which I kind of alluded to already is just the traditional enough I mean that the take home trays rather we come in we take an impression of your teeth and make you whitening trays and then you would go home with some gel. That gel is nowhere near as powerful as the first option which was the in office but it also doesn’t make the teeth that is sensitive and you can get to the same result of whitening with either option it’s just how fast you get there. so if you have any questions about this and want to come in and talk to us about your options about whitening, feel free. there’s also information below on this web page that can maybe help guide you through some of that.

Teeth whitening is by far the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. Dental Whitening procedures fit within almost any budget and the results are quick. There is a difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. Whitening means to brighten your teeth by polishing away stains caused by foods and beverages (berries, coffee, wine, tea, etc). This stain removal whitens teeth back to their naturally white stage. Bleaching refers to lightening a tooth from the inside-out using peroxide. Bleaching brightens the inside (dentin) of the tooth, thereby making the whole natural tooth whiter.

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