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Causes of bad breath

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If you’ve had bad breath that can’t be explained by what you just ate or drink or a habit like smoking, one of these other reasons may be to blame.

What causes bad breath?

Lack of oral hygiene

Bad breath often results from bacteria in the mouth, so it’s important to make dental hygiene a priority. This means brushing twice a day for a full two minutes and flossing every day. And don’t forget the tongue. Brush your tongue with the toothbrush or use a specialized tongue scraper that you can buy in your local pharmacy.

Gum disease

Chronic bad breath is associated with advanced gum disease, so make sure you keep up with regular dental cleanings and exams to help keep gums healthy and give your dental team a chance to monitor your gum health.

Aggressive  dieting

Bad breath can be a byproduct of weight loss dieting, especially when severely limiting carbs and ramping up proteins. When a body burns fat, breath can take on a sharp foul odor. If this is your situation, try drinking more water and think twice before eliminating an entire food group from your diet.

Allergies and sleep apnea

People with allergies or sleep apnea may breathe through their mouth at night. This can dry out the mouth leading to increase oral bacteria. Seek treatment if you suffer from a condition that makes breathing through the nose difficult.


Hundreds of medications can cause dry mouth, resulting in bad breath. If a change of medication is not an option, try chewing sugar-free gum to encourage saliva production or talk to your dentist about an over the counter or prescription remedy for dry mouth.

Everybody gets bad breath once in a while but if it happens to you more than you like be sure to tell your dentist.

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