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Periodontal therapy

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Having a great smile isn’t just about healthy sparkling teeth, you also need good periodontal health.

So, what exactly is periodontal health?

Peri means around, dont means tooth. What’s around each tooth? Your gums of course! And if your gums aren’t healthy, your smile is at risk.

Lots of people have one form of gum disease or another, about half of the population over age 30. Yet many don’t realize it, because there aren’t always obvious signs, particularly in people who smoke. Even when signs of gum disease do become apparent, they’re often ignored or considered no big deal. For example, if your gums bleed when you brush or floss, you most likely have a form of gum disease.

Bleeding gums is a warning sign that bacterial plaque is building up on your teeth and that you need to spend a little more time on your oral hygiene, particularly flossing. To be safe, a professional dental cleaning and exam would also be helpful in this situation.

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