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Is an empty space from a missing tooth preventing your smile from looking its best?

Are you having trouble chewing? Is your self-confidence affected?

If so, there are ways to replace missing teeth, restore lost function and enhance the beauty of your smile. Today, the optimal tooth-replacement method, supported by decades of research and preferred by dentists, is the dental implant.

So, what is a dental implant?

Basically, it is a small titanium replacement for the root-part of your tooth that fuses to the bone and attaches to a crown. You now have a sturdy tooth replacement that is visually indistinguishable from a natural tooth. What’s also great about dental implants is the variety of ways they can be used to replace missing teeth. From a single tooth to implant-supported bridgework, they are very versatile. Implants can even be used to help support and retain dentures, so they are more stable and function better.

Research studies have shown a success rate well over 90%, making implants the most economical long-term solution available.

Implants in Claude Monet Dental Office

The entire process under one roof :

In many offices, if you need an implant, you will be required to travel to outside offices for special x-rays, additional evaluations, the actual implant placement surgery, and multiple post-operative check-ups before you’re able to receive your restoration. Our  team understands that our patients greatly prefer not having to go through that process, and we’ve designed our practice so that we can provide every step of the implant process in our office.

Safety First with CT Scans !

The Claude Monet dental office team is always planning for your safety and comfort, which comes in many forms during the implant process. The 3-D planning process using CT scans is critical. You are a three-dimensional being, and any implant surgery should be planned in a 3-D manner to safely avoid important anatomical structures like your sinuses and nerves. Proper planning = Predictability

Guided Surgery

Once we’ve developed a personalize treatment plan for you and decided on the positioning of the implants, we use surgical guides on as many procedures as possible to help ensure that every implant is placed exactly how we want it. These guides are made from the CT scans and are 3-D printed to have a very high accuracy for safety and predictability every time.


Who is a candidate?

These days, it’s fairly rare to be a patient who cannot have implants. One limiting factor is loss of bone that will support the implant, but with advances in technology and understanding we can now do bone grafting as a routine aspect of tooth replacement.

Do implants hurt?

For any patient who has not had an implant before, pain is usually heavy on their mind. Fear not! It’s truly a daily experience for us to hear how easy the process was or how shocked someone is with the lack of discomfort and swelling.

Bone itself has very little feeling. Gums have feeling, but discomfort in these areas is very easily controlled with mild medication.

When able to work in a small space, the discomfort is essentially limited to the tiny area of gums around where the new implant is, which is very easy to manage.

We strive to make every procedure as comfortable as possible.

If you have any missing teeth, schedule a consultation with us to learn more about this life-changing treatment that can help you eat and smile with confidence.

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