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Well I’d rather have a root canal. You’ve probably heard that phrase before. Why are so many people afraid of root canal treatment? Because they mistakenly believe it’s painful. Want to know the truth?

Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, it relieves it. In fact, millions of teeth are saved each year this way. When you look a little closer, it’s easy to see why there’s no need to fear a root canal. Besides being the name of a procedure, root canal is also what we call the tiny passageways found deep inside your teeth. The nerves blood vessels and other soft tissues they contain are important for the tooth development, but not needed in full-grown teeth. Sometimes, because of deep decay or cracked tooth, an infection may develop in the tissues of the root canal. This is what may cause the intense pain people associate with root canal problems. Even if the infection doesn’t cause pain or the pain eventually goes away, the infection deep in your tooth never will unless it’s treated. Eventually the infection can spread into the jawbone, causing further problems and possibly leading to tooth loss. Root canal treatment helps you avoid the situation by stopping the infection at its source.

Let’s take a closer look at the procedure, which may be done by your general dentist or by a specialist called an endodontist.

Just like getting a filling, the first step is to numb the area, so you won’t feel any discomfort. But if you’re apprehensive about dental procedures, you may also be given anti-anxiety medication or conscious sedation. Next, a small hole is drilled to give access to the root canal itself. Tiny instruments are used to remove the dead and diseased tissue. The root canal is then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and filled with an inert biocompatible material. Finally, the hole in the tooth is sealed up and a procedure is over. Later, the tooth will usually need a permanent restoration, such as a crown.

So, is a root canal procedure painful?

Generally, the answer is no. It’s no more uncomfortable than having a filling, though it may take a little longer. Any discomfort you may feel for a day or two afterward can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen. The good news is after a root canal procedure, the infection is gone, along with the pain, and the tooth is out of danger. In most cases, the restored tooth can last as long as any of your natural teeth.

Have you ever had a root canal? Actually, yeah, I just had a root canal the other day, it was easy. So, if you’ve been told you need a root canal, there’s no reason to be fearful. This treatment not only relieves pain, it can also help save your smile.

Top 5 Reasons Not to Delay Root Canal Treatment

Some people are afraid of getting the root canal treatment they need because of old myths they may have heard. Here are some facts about root canals.

5: root canal treatment relieves the pain. Contrary to what you may have heard, root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, it’s what relieves your tooth pain.

4: it stops the infection in your tooth. When the soft living tissue deep inside a tooth becomes infected with bacteria, it starts to throb and ache. That’s when it’s time to stop the infection with root canal treatment.

3: it helps your body fight disease. Some things get better when they are left alone. A root canal problem isn’t one of them. If left untreated, the tissue inside the tooth will become inflamed and die, and that’s when bigger trouble can start.

2: it prevents further damage. Like a smoldering fire, bacteria from an untreated root canal infection can spread beyond the teeth roots and into the gums, the jaw and other parts of the body. This can lead to a painful abscess or even systemic inflammation.

1: it saves your teeth. If you wait too long you’re at serious risk for losing the affected tooth.

So, don’t put it off. If you need root canal treatment, sooner is better. Your teeth will thank you for years to come !

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