Dental crowns

Accuel Solutions Dental crowns

Helping teeth look great and last as long as possible are the central goals of dentistry. And one of the ways dentists do that is by restoring damaged teeth with dental crowns.

A dental crown as a covering that replaces most of the tooth structure above the roots.

So, when would you need one?

Your dentist will recommend a crown when a tooth has been weakened yet is still strong enough to save. This can include a badly decayed tooth, a tooth that’s broken off near the gum line, a cracked tooth, or a root canal treated tooth. A crown might also be recommended to improve their appearance of a dark tooth that can’t be easily whitened with bleach but is structurally weakened beyond what a porcelain veneer can handle. Whatever reason it’s needed, a crown is always custom made just for you to match your existing teeth and fit in with your bite.

So, restoring a tooth this way is a blend of art and science. When done par experienced dental professionals, it may be very hard to tell that crown didn’t grow there naturally.

At Atlanta Dental Spa, we strive to be as conservative as possible. It’s the responsible way to conduct dentistry. In the old days, it used to be “crown or filling” was the only restoration option from your family dentist. Now, with advancements in adhesion protocols and porcelain systems we can offer more conservative options like inlays and onlays. In certain instances where we are replacing an existing crown or there is a lot of decay or damage to the tooth the best option might be a full coverage crown. Our crowns have NO METAL. Nothing replicates natural enamel and dentin better than porcelain.

No More Metal

In the past, the systems for producing high-quality porcelain restorations were weaker, thus the base of the crown had to be made of metal, then porcelain was fused to that metal. That metal can show through gum tissue, leaving an unsightly dark line at the base of the tooth. With modern-day porcelain systems, metal is no longer necessary. At Atlanta Dental Spa we do not do metal crowns for two big reasons:

  1. There is no way to replicate nature when there is metal underneath the porcelain. It completely changes the way the light reflects and refracts from the porcelain.
  2. With the exception of titanium, the human body does not like to have metal within sensitive gum tissue.

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