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The office is equipped with a device that allows for panoramic radiographic examinations (useful for assessing the general oral condition, evaluating the position of wisdom teeth in relation to other structures, etc.), as well as 3D dental examinations called Cone Beam (indicated before implant surgery, searching for a dental fracture or before surgery on wisdom teeth located near the nerve).

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Digital impressions allow Claude Monet Dental Office to create a virtual replica of your teeth and gums, using an optical scanning device.

The digital technology safely captures highly accurate impression data in few minutes, without the need for traditional impression materials that some patients find inconvenient and messy.

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Digital photography is an essential tool in the proper implementation of a prosthetic treatment plan.

Studio Photo technologie Dr Nguyen traitement prothetique


The MODJAW Tech in Motion device is a diagnostic tool that provides unparallel knowledge of the dentition and occlusion of our patients.
Inspired by the animated movie industry, the device allows Claude Monet Dental office to record your real-time jaw motion and to create your dynamic digital twin.

By using a sophisticated optical camera and sensors, all your facial information and jaw movements can be optically scanned within a few minutes of recording.

This cutting-edge technology improves your comfort, reduces treatment time, and allows an accurate aesthetic and functional simulation of your future smile.

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