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Why do you need root canal treatment?

Home Blog Why do you need root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy is an essential but often misunderstood dental procedure. At Claude Monet Dental Office in Croissy-sur-Seine, this procedure is crucial for the oral health of our patients. 

What is root canal therapy? 

Root canal therapy, a major component of endodontics, is the treatment of a tooth whose pulp – the living tissue inside – is infected or damaged. This condition can result from untreated tooth decay, tooth fracture, or trauma. Without treatment, the infection can worsen, causing severe pain, abscesses and even tooth loss. 

The root canal treatment at Claude Monet 

At Claude Monet Dental, root canal therapy is performed using advanced techniques and a patient-centered approach. Treatment begins with a thorough examination and accurate diagnosis. A local anesthetic is then administered to ensure patient comfort. The dentist gently removes the infected pulp, cleans the root canal and fills it with a biocompatible filling material. The tooth is often strengthened with a crown to restore its functionality and natural shape. 

Why choose Claude Monet for your root canal treatment? 

When you choose Claude Monet Dental for your root canal treatment, you are receiving the highest quality care. Our team of experienced professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a precise and comfortable treatment. What’s more, we pay close attention to post-operative care to ensure optimal healing and total patient satisfaction. 

The Claude Monet Practice is committed to providing exceptional dental care with an emphasis on the comfort, safety and well-being of each patient. This holistic approach to dentistry, combined with technical expertise, makes our practice the preferred choice for endodontic care in Croissy-sur-Seine.